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Dobon Technology focuses on LED lighting thermal conductive materials

The LED lighting industry in China is expected to flourish due to a series of supportive policies. It is reported that the compound growth rate of the market size reached 43.58% from 2009 to 2013, and the market size of LED lighting in China is expected to reach 73 billion yuan in 2013. 

LED lighting has gradually shifted from functional lighting to main lighting, particularly in commercial lighting applications, owing to its high turnover rate and long-term usage. The penetration rate of LED lighting in commercial lighting reached 15% in 2012 and is expected to increase in the future. As the largest application market for lighting in the world, residential lighting is also indispensable for consumers. 

LED lighting has entered the residential lighting market by replacing traditional light bulbs, but the penetration rate in 2012 was only around 13% due to the high sensitivity of consumers to prices. LED lighting entered the office lighting market with an emphasis on energy-saving and replacing traditional fluorescent lamps. However, LED light tubes still face price competition with T5 fluorescent lamps, resulting in a penetration rate of only around 11% in 2012. 

Overall, although LED lighting has gained a portion of the market, it is still not enough for energy-saving and environmentally-friendly lighting. Nevertheless, with the recognition of LED lighting and supportive policies such as the semiconductor lighting industry plan, the market size of LED lighting will continue to expand, and the industry will achieve better development and progress to new heights. 

Shenzhen Dobon Technology specializes in the research and development of heat-dissipating and heat-conducting materials for LED lighting. The main LED lighting heat-conducting materials include silicon gel cloth, heat-conducting silicone sheets, heat-conducting silicone grease, heat-conducting silicone gel, heat-conducting double-sided tape, and more. If you need to use related materials, please consult their online customer service or call 1880-6660-275 for more information.

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