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Comprehensive Knowledge of Thermal Conductive Materials

Comprehensive Knowledge of Thermal Conductive Materials:

1. Composition of Thermal Conductive Silicone Pad:

- Polymerized Silicone Oil: Silicone Rubber (aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, stable chemical properties, consistent service life with customer's equipment usage)

- Thermal Conductive Filler: Thermal Conductivity (Conduction efficiency) Molecular Thermal Motion (On IC and heat-generating body, it appears to be smooth, but actually is not smooth. The use of thermal conductive pads is aimed at expelling all the air out and filling the gap.)

- Flame Retardant Filler (1 Hydroxyl group, 2 Halogen, 3 Decabromobiphenyl Ether. Banned in July 2006)

- Crosslinking Agent (for connection)

- Adhesive (for bonding)

2. Characteristics:

- Excellent heat conduction ability

- Chemical stability and aging resistance, long service life

- Excellent electrical insulation properties (the ability to withstand high voltage increases proportionally with the increase in thickness with a linear relationship)

- Flame retardant ability

- Self-adhesive ability. If a back adhesive is added, customers should be informed that double-sided adhesive is easy to melt at high temperatures, air exists, and it does not have thermal conductivity, so the thermal conductivity will decrease

- Processability (cut and molding)

3. Application Scope:

- Transistors, chipsets, IC controllers

- Information processing (servers, workstations, communication base stations, LED, DVD, CD-ROM, laptops)

- Automobile control components (car LCD monitors, car audio, televisions)

- Consumer electronics products (plasma TVs, flat-screen TVs, mobile DVDs)

4. Parameters of Thermal Conductive Silicone Gel:

- Hardness: The ability of an object to resist external forces (ASTM D2240 test method for measuring rubber hardness with a durometer)

- Specific Gravity: Density/Water Density. The higher the density, the better the thermal conductivity.

- Weight Loss: Measured over 24 hours (180 degrees high temperature, continuous baking for 30 minutes)

- Elongation: Tensile Strength

- Thickness: Measured with a thickness gauge (ASTM D374)

- Breakdown Voltage: Continuos voltage breakdown voltage < instantaneous breakdown voltage, 4000V is only required in this industry.

- Flame Rating: (94-V0) UL (civilian organization, fire prevention, and insulation)

- Thermal Conductivity: If two parallel planes having the same area of 1cm² and separated by a distance of 1cm have a temperature difference of 1K between them, then the amount of heat transmitted within 1 second from one plane to the other is defined as the thermal conductivity of the substance.

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