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SC Thermal Conductive Insulator

  • Thermal Conductive Insulator Cap
    Thermal Conductive Insulator Cap

    SC insulating silicone rubber cloth is a cloth-like product made of silica gel, glass fiber, insulating film or polyester film through a special process. Because of its excellent thermal conductivity, insulation and easy assembly, it is widely used in electronic and electrical industries

  • SC23 1W Thermal Conductive Insulator
    SC23 1W Thermal Conductive Insulator

    Thermal insulator/ cloth takes organic silica gel as the main body and has certain ductility. It can well fill the gap between the heating element and the radiator, eliminate the air on the uneven surface, and form a good heat flow channel to make the electronic products play a good role. Dubon science and technology mainly produces silica gel cloth, has a separate production line, and provides customized services to achieve mass production according to customer drawings.

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