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Dobon Technology 2021 End of Year Commendation Conference and 2022 Tailing Party

On January 8th, 2022, we gathered all departments, including business, manufacturing, finance, R&D, and administration, from Shenzhen and Dongguan to hold this banquet at the Tiantian Fuyuan Hotel near Yurun Zhizao Park in Dongguan. 

There were three main parts to this annual meeting: 

The first part was a summary of 2021. Firstly, our General Manager Tang gave a speech, reflecting on the sudden outbreak of the pandemic in Dalang, Dongguan and Shenzhen, which demonstrated that relocating our factory to Huangjiang, Dongguan was the correct decision. Tang also summarized the performance and production capacity of 2021, which exceeded expectations. He expressed gratitude towards every employee present and shook hands with each one. 


The second part was recognition of outstanding performance and work, and sharing of experience. A recognition ceremony was held to acknowledge employees who made outstanding contributions to our company's performance and work performance, as well as outstanding management personnel and excellent newcomers, with the aim of motivating employees. The recognition ceremony awarded one "Million Sales Elite," two "Outstanding Newcomer Awards," five "Excellent Employee Awards," and one "Most Popular Manager Award." Miss Chen, the director of the Shenzhen region, gave a speech and presented awards and bonuses to the recipients. 


Miss Tang, a representative of the employees, won the title of "Million Sales Elite" and shared her experience, as well as giving a preliminary explanation of the plan for the coming year. 


The third part was a lottery and interactive games. Finally, all employees participated in a raffle with a special prize and five grades of prizes, ensuring that every employee could participate and receive a prize or bonus. The interactive games also had prizes, ensuring that every employee could participate. The games played were not hierarchical or leveled, and everyone played happily and ate well. 


We would like to thank the carefully prepared administrative department for the successful holding of this banquet. We hope that the team of Dobon Technology will continue to grow in 2022 and rank first in the field of domestic thermal interface materials, achieving better performance. We also wish our cooperating clients every success in the coming year.

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